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According to the World Malaria Report, malaria is prevalent in 108 countries of the tropical and semitropical world (Africa; Amazon, central and southern America; central, south and SE Asia; Pacific) that are home to more than half of the world’s people.

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the plasmodia parasite and is transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito. It is a disease that can be treated in 48 hours but it can cause fatal complications if the diagnosis and treatment are delayed. It is re-emerging as the number one infectious disease killer and The World Health Organization regards it as the number one Tropical disease priority.

300 to 700 million people are afflicted with malaria yearly and between one and three million people die from malaria. Much of the mortality in endemic areas is concentrated among children under the age of five. In areas of stable endemic transmission about 25% of all-cause mortality in children aged 0 to 4 years has been attributed directly to malaria.

RC INNPharma Solution: Active treatment, effective and safe in combination with “Toxins blocker – protection / immune modulation.

RC INNPharma Corporation has developed an Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACT) in suppository and tablet form.
  dengue fever treatment

RC INNPharma Corp has developed a Patent Pending formula combination therapy which is in the last stage of development, that promises to revolutionize the treatment and cure for the fight against the dengue virus.

The Solution! ViraCureX A proprietary, patent-pending formula developed by RC INNPharma is a combination of substances that destroy the Virus envelops. One of these substances is already authorized by WHO (World Health Organization) to be used in U. S. A. and other countries of the world.

RC INNPharma is the institution responsible for all aspects of clinical investigations to the culmination of the investigation herein described. RC INNPharma"s clinical work is reviewed by consultants from the Molecular Microbiology and Infectous Diseases Department of the Florida International University.

Dengue has emerged as a worldwide problem only since the 1950s. Although dengue rarely occurs in the continental United States, it is endemic in Puerto Rico, and in many popular tourist destinations in Latin America and Southeast Asia; periodic outbreaks occur in Samoa and Guam. For up to date information follow CDC Dengue News

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