The mission of RC INNPharma is to develop effective solutions for the growing viral - microbial outbreaks in the world. RC INNPharma will test and produce antiviral and antimicrobial compounds that will treat pathogenic infections and other ailments
To address the need for cures that will aim to help the millions affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases. These neglected diseases affect over 1/6th of the total world population.
RC INNPharma is working towards becoming the leader in research and development in the area of Neglected Tropical Diseases, causing regional pandemics, by designing, testing and implementing a series of formulations of drugs and ethnobotanicals for curing emerging and largely uncontrolled microbial outbreaks.
News Highlights
Monday May 19 2014
Dominican police in New York who survived monoxide leaves the hospital
Friday April 4, 2014
Pruebas de laboratorio confirman virus de Chikungunya en Nigua, San Cristobal, Republica Dominicana
Friday March 7, 2014
The new fever in the Caribbean that causes alert
Wednesday November 27, 2013
Football fever could be a dose of dengue
Sunday September 15, 2013
Reported in Carabobo nearly two thousand cases of dengue
Friday September 13, 2013
Health teams walking in Rio, Jensen Beach collecting dengue data
Thursday September 12, 2013
VENEZUELA: Increased dengue Miranda neighboring municipalities
Monday September 9, 2013
Campaign seeks to curb dengue in Moca neighborhoods
Monday August 26, 2013
Dengue Fever Pops Up In Florida
Tuesday July 30, 2013
Honduras declares state of emergency over dengue fever
Monday July 29, 2013
Dengue Fever and H1N1 Cause Turmoil in Costa Rica
Monday May 13, 2013
Hope for Malaria As Bacteria That Makes Mosquitoes Resistant is Found
Saturday March 24, 2013
Dengue Fever Outbreak Reported in Kenya Coast
Sunday January 20, 2013
Dengue llega a 9000 casos en cuatro meses